We´   ll build your dream home,

for far les than you ever thought.


The fabrication of our modules are les expensive to produce than tradicional homes. These savings are reflected in the final Price, providing high quality homes at competitive prices.


Web site pricing provides an estimate, but the final price will depend on location and client personal needs. Our final price is fixed and definitive and keys in hand you Will recibe your brand home ready for you to live in worry free.

The Best Quality in the Least Time

with the modular concrete construction system

Top Qualitys

Our concrete modules  are fabricated under strict and continues quality control. This is how we can garantee that our construction system is one of the best in the market.

Great Speed

Because of our modular building system construction is not affected by weather conditions. This is why we can guarantee short construction dead lines. In  some cases homes have even been built in les thas 6 months after reciving the building license.

Without complications

whith us, the constructuion of your new home Will be very easy. With our Keys in Hand option our team of professionals Will gide and advise in all aspects of your new home from beguining to end. On top of that, our quote is final and without surprises.

Completely personalised desings

Trenta adapts to your needs, likes and Budget.

Energy Eficiency

have your home and nature too!

Our homes are designed to consume as little as posible and help preserve the enviroment.

Energy Eficiency

Homes that save money and save the enviroment.

We know low energy consumption we can help better the enviroment. With the help of our concrete modules and our insolation system, our homes can significantly impruve energy consuption and maintain high levels of confort at home.

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Alternative Energy

Instal aerothermal or geothermal energy in your new home.

There are a lot of alternatives to improve the energy eficiency of your home, but the first one is to install equipments that generates the energy you consume day by day in a renewable way. This equipments can reduce mor than 70% the quantities of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

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