Energy Eficiency

Building the home of the future.

Pollution, scarce natural resources , enviromental consecuences and climate change… Real problems that need immediate solutions . Trenta believes in a new generation of highly efficient homes, sosteinable and with minimal enviromental impact.

Efficient Building System

All our structures are well planed and designed to keep our homes properly insulated for any type of weather conditions. To keep the home properly insolated, we employ the use of thick concrete models with termal-acoustic insolating systems and anti-humidity barriers.


Low Consumption

low use = low emissions = more savings.

It is estimated that 19% of gas emissions are caused by domestic energy use, lights, heading, warm watter. Trenta is well-aware this problem and thats why we work hard to reduce consumption as much as posible in our homes, employing high quality materials and  renewable energy. Lowering consumption not only lowers emissions but also lowers costs anually.

Our Compromise With Nature

Accions speak louder than words, thats why Trenta invests part of its ernings to plant our very own seed of change , by planting trees in affected or deforestateed áreas. We follow up with images  of the área  your home helps transform as a thank you for trusting in Trenta.

Renewble Energies

Install aerothermic or geothermic energy.

The home of the future will consume up to 75% less energy than a traditional home, achieving greater confort.

With new aerothermic and geothermic systems all of your energy consumption Will come from renewval sources, just like the temperature in the air and earth. Because you Will not be using fossil fuels to heat your home, your CO2 gas emissions will be practically null. . 

Ahorra hasta un 75%


Take advantages of air temperatures to heat your home reducing energy consuption up to 75%

Aerothermic uses heat pumps to extracts energy from the air, heating the inside of your home as well as the wáter you consume.

Currently the system is used in nordic and hot áreas , and has been tested to work in extreme temperatures from -20ºC to 50ºC. Nothing in comparison to the moderate temperatures found in the spanish territory where we can best take advantage of this innovative technology.

In addition to heating these heat pumps can actually cool your home in hot weather. Whit this system there are no CO2 emissions and the equipement uses less space than a traditional wáter heater.


Take advantages of ground temperatures to heat your home reducing energy consuption up to 75%

This system uses a calorie exchanger to extract the ground temperature through a network of underground pipes. This is possible thanks to the fact that between 10 and 20 meters deep the ground temperature remains constant almost all year round, in Spanish territory 15ºC. The water that circulates through the pipes captures the temperature and through an exchange of heat is able to generate enough energy to heat our home.

It has advantages similar to those of aerothermy with low CO2 emissions.